Better operations.
Better employees.
Better sales.

depoint lets enterprise retail chains pinpoint the patterns in their organization that drive the greatest ROI. So they can stop guessing at what works, and focus on what does to drive higher conversions and greater sales.

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Introducing depoint
an operational excellence platform designed to help enterprise retail chains do all this (and more)

Increase conversions and sale volume

Boost average purchase value

Increase foot traffic

Improve onboarding and work culture

Engage with and motivate employees better

Reduce employee turnover

By digitizing every single human activity in your organization.
Giving you 100% transparency, 100% of the time

Integrates hassle-free

Designed to move as fast as you do, depoint integrates swiftly with your existing hierarchy, POS, HR/ERP, payroll and more. Meaning full implementation takes, on average, just 7 days. Not weeks or months.

What’s more, depoint’s user interface is so simple and intuitive, your employees don’t need advanced training (or a tech degree) to understand how to use it. Learn more

Foster a positive work culture (and keep your best employees)

With churn rates hovering around 60% for retail, holding on to your best staff can save you hundreds and thousands—if not millions—of dollars year after year.

Depoint’s platform puts all the tips, tools, and tactics they need to succeed at their fingertips. Making them feel more accountable, as well as more knowledgeable, more empowered, and more highly valued.

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Track everything in real-time

With hundreds of stores and thousands of employees, keeping on top of infinite data points—spread over faxes, emails, phone calls, and messages—is a major challenge.

Depoint lets you see everything, everywhere and with crystal clear clarity. Enabling you to adapt and adjust on-the-go to ensure targets and KPIs are met.

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Ask questions...and get real answers

Which planograms bring the most sales? Which salespeople drive higher conversions? And which store manager is most efficient?

With detailed activity reports, you can analyze not only “what” happens, but “how” and—most importantly—“why.” So you can evaluate the impact of specific people, operations, and events on your organization as a whole.

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Multiple niches. Endless benefits.
Because depoint is 100% customizable, it merges seamlessly with your existing organization and hierarchy, no matter your niche

  • Pharmacies
  • Fashion
  • Homewares
  • Toys
  • Recreation
  • goods
  • Jewelry
  • and more...
Comes with 40+ out-of-the-box, fully customizable processes
Integrates with your HR/ERP, POS, and more for full transparency
GDPR and privacy law compliant with automatic security and hierarchical permissions
Simple UX/UI means anyone can use it - no onboarding necessary

“The human element is, no doubt, the very reason why many brick and mortar stores survive despite the tough competition online.

Which is why we’ve made people, and their activities, our core focus here at depoint.”

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